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By learning the Creighton Model,
you are investing in yourself.

Invest in your body.

Charting gives you a window into your body, no matter where you are at in your cycle! 


Predict your period, track mood swings, and document physical symptoms related to your cycle.

Our Services

Introductory Sessions

Attend a FREE Introductory Session to get started learning about the Creighton Model.


This group presentation will introduce you to the Creighton Model Charting System, with time for questions.  There will be an opportunity to sign up for Follow-Ups at the end.

During this hour-long presentation you will learn:

  • The basics of human fertility and the menstrual cycle

  • The fundamentals of the Creighton Model Charting System

  • Applications of the Creighton Model System to a variety of medical and family planning situations

Cost: Free!

Follow-Up Sessions

Attend Follow-Ups for individualized instruction in the Creighton Model, tailored to your unique situation.


Follow-Ups are designed to get you charting quickly and confidently!  Once you complete the eight Follow-Up series, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

During these hour-long appointments you will learn:

  • Specific training in how to chart 

  • Applications and education for your specific health or family planning situation

  • Assistance with referrals to a NaProTechnology provider

Cost: $50 per appointment.

*We offer a discounted rate for students or hardship situations.  Contact us directly for more details.

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