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The Creighton Model Charting System

What sets the Creighton Model apart?



The Creighton Model was carefully developed by Dr Hilgers and a team of scientists, tracking hundreds of cycles to determine patterns of health and fertility.  Dr Hilgers has published his findings in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine and in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

He has also published a textbook, "The Medical and Surgical Practice of NaProTechnology," outlining how to treat health and fertility issues using Creighton charts and NaProTechnology.


Everything in the Creighton Model is carefully standardized, right down to the stickers and symbols on your chart.  


This ensures equal access for anyone learning the Creighton Model!  When you learn Creighton, you learn the same Creighton that is taught by any teacher, anywhere in the world.

It also makes communication between Creighton Practitioners, NaPro professionals, and all Creighton users much smoother.

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Family Planning


The Creighton Model is a true method of family planning, because it can be used either to achieve OR avoid a pregnancy depending on the decisions of the couple.

Experience the freedom to change how you are using the system at your discretion.  No appointments, surgeries, or prescriptions needed!


There is no need for hormones, implants, or barriers when you are charting with the Creighton Model!  This system is not about fighting, forcing, or thwarting your body.  It is about understanding your body and working with it, whether you are planning your family or managing your health.

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Learn more about the Creighton Model at the official website:

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