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"Natural Procreative Technology"

What sets NaPro Technology apart?

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Dr Hilgers and his team have published their findings in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine and in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

He has also published a textbook, "The Medical and Surgical Practice of NaProTechnology," outlining how to treat health and fertility issues using Creighton charts and NaProTechnology.


NaProTechnology Medical Consultants are healthcare professionals who see the value of the NaPro health science, and want to incorporate it into their profession.  They combine their own specialties with NaPro research and protocols in order to deliver even better care for their patients.

Using their client's Creighton chart as an evaluation tool, they can target issues, time diagnostic procedures, or fine-tune medical interventions.

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NaProTechnology emphasizes the beauty and function of the woman's body.  Instead of suppressing or thwarting her natural cycle, NaProTechnology professionals seek to build on the woman's body in order to improve function, not replace it.


NaProTechnology professionals are sensitive to the needs of both men and women during treatment.  Women's health issues affect both members of the couple, and it is important to facilitate the involvement of men. In cases of infertility, it may be necessary to evaluate the man's fertility as well.  When a couple comes in for treatment, NaProTechnology doesn't isolate the individuals, but treats them with respect as a partnership.

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Learn more about the NaProTechnology at the official website:

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